Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic

Since 1973

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July  29 - 31
The 49th Annual 2022
Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic
Location: Bob Amos Park
 Pikeville, Kentucky

Founded in 1973 by Sue Huffman Stanley


We have completed our 49th tournament year and we thank

everyone who participated, donated and volunteered

to make this year’s tournament a great success.

Again, Thank-You.


To All Graduating Seniors in 2022

If you have won a division in the KHTC and are interested in a scholarship
 and if you live in the 14th, 15th, or 16th region in Kentucky,
 please notify Sue Huffman Stanley by email

 Or call her at


You may  “Click here”  to
 download an Application Form



Share your thoughts about this year’s tournament
with an experience or even a story…
…Join in.

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