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51 Years

Hi Tennis Fans,

      Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day.  This is a January and February Newsletter.  I am having shoulder surgery January 18 and Brad is having surgery February 13.  This year has been a tough year physically for both of us, but I am looking forward to a better year in 2024.  My New Year resolution is to get as healthy as I possibly can.  I hope you have made some resolutions to pursue a higher goal in tennis in 2024.  That requires practicing hard, being physically fit, and committing yourself to excellence.

      I will never forget the KHTC 50th Year Anniversary this past year.  It was a great honor to celebrate this tournament in Kenny’s name.  To me it was unbelievable and fantastic.  The Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic is doing great.  This year will be the 51st year.  To me it is the best tournament in Eastern Kentucky.

    The KHTC is part of the ATS circuit.  We have 9 tournaments in the circuit.  They offer great competition for young and older.  All the tournaments have a great family environment.  You can start joining in March and start getting points at the first tournament.  Check with Jim Vanover at 606-794-4161 or at

      I have been watching all the professional tennis tournaments in the ATP and WTA.  One thing they talk about is PREPERATION and CONDITIONING.  It is so important to be mentally and physically fit before you ever walk out on the court.  This also gives you confidence in yourself even when you are having a tough match.  Players like Alcaraze, Djokovich, Sinner, and Gauff always stay prepared.  That is what gets them through a match even if they lose the first set.  Such discipline is so important.

       I hated to hear about Roger Federer retiring.  It was such a joy watching him.  And now Rafael Nadal is not far behind.  Nadal is the most physical player I have ever watched.  He seems to have the strength, coordinative skill, speed, flexibility, and endurance, and the ability to stay focused.  He also has a wicked forehand.  Federer is the most eloquent player I have ever watched.  He seems to flow across the court with such persuasion, intensity, power, forcefulness and passion and the ability to spring back.

      We will miss both Nadal & Federer.  But the new guns coming up are compiling their own victories.  They are very impressive to watch.  What raw talent!  Players like Alcaraze, Sinner, Rublev, Rune, DeMinour, Fritz, Shelton, Paul, & Ruud.  Also, Coco, Graff, Swiatak, Sebahenka, Pegula, and Sakkai are hungry for more titles, and get you on the edge of your seat.

      The KHTC has quite a few matches that are so exciting to watch.  When we have more information for this coming season, I will let everyone know, probably by March.  So be sure and read my March newsletter.

      I will leave you with a quote from Djokovich, who holds the most victories of any tennis player.  He stated:  “If you fail to prepare, it is going to be a much more difficult mountain to climb on the court for you to actually succeed and win a tennis match.  Tennis is not a sprint, it’s a marathon as well.”


      Look for my March Newsletter!


Sue Huffman Stanley
Founder of Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic
KHTC Book Keeper  KHTC Board Member
Author of “A Tennis Love Story”



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