Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic

Since 1973

45th Annual Tennis Tournament Events

July  27 -29,   2018   -  Location:  Bob Amos Park

 Pikeville, Kentucky

“You may only select and enter in a total 3 Events maximum.”

e.g. Only one singles - One Doubles - One Mixed

Boy's Singles

Girl's Singles

Girl's Doubles

Boy's Doubles

18U   16U   14U   12U

18U   16U  14U   12U

18U   16U   14U   12U

18U   16U   14U  12U

Men's Singles

Women's Singles

Men's Doubles

Women's Doubles

A   B   C

A   B   C

A  B C

A  B C

Senior Men's Singles

Senior Men's Doubles

Senior Women's Singles

Senior Women's Doubles

40+   50+   60+   70+

40+   50+   60+   70+

40+   50+   60+   70+

40+   50+   60+   70+

Mixed Doubles

A  B  C

You do not have to be a USTA Member to play in this tournament.
   However,  "the 18U and 14U Singles and Doubles will be USTA sanctioned  this year."
This means if you are a member of the USTA you will get your USTA Points your ATS and MTC Points.

This is a new addition to our tournament which I hope will bring in more junior players

WE ENCOURAGE ALL PLAYERS TO JOIN THE "ATS"  " though however, we do encourage all tennis players to join the USTA. This tournament is open to all tennis players. Times on Internet are posted as a convenience only…You are responsible for your own times".

You may sign up for this tournament via: online, by fax or by a mailed in completed entry form. 

Come and have a fun day at our family oriented tennis tournament in Pikeville’s beautiful Bob Amos Park while enjoying the other wonderful hospitalities that Pikeville has to offer.

*All Participates receive a FREE T-SHIRT

*Free Bottled Water

*A chance of winning many Door Prizes and Trophies


"What if rain is forecasted? "Remember, if it is raining where you are it might not be raining in Pikeville".

If in doubt please call:

Sue Huffman Stanley

Phone: 404 -483- 6051

* Proceeds to benefit a 2018 - 2019 graduating high school senior in the 14th,15th and 16th Region in getting a college education.   

Website Disclaimer

Fees:  Per Person - Per Event

USTA / ATS / MTC Members:   One event  $20 - Two events  $30 - Three events  $40

Non -  Members: One event  $25 - Two events  $40 - Three events  $50

****Schedule of Events****
Entry Deadline:  Tuesday July 24, 2018

Tournament Times: Start Time: 9:00 a.m. Friday  End Time: 10:00 p.m. Sunday