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Hi Tennis Fans,

     Tennis is in the air.  We have the weather getting warmer and pollen getting on our cars here in south Georgia.  I drive by Georgia Southern University and see the tennis team practicing.  It is refreshing and exciting.  Would you believe they have 12 courts?  That is a big issue in Pikeville.

        At Bob Amos we have 6 courts, of which we are thankful for, but they need resurfacing.  The Kenny Huffman Tennis Tournament uses them – Pikeville High School, Shelby Valley High School, Pike Central, Belfry High School, and UPIKE all use the same courts.  They are an asset to the community.  But the city cut the resurfacing cost out of their budget.  I have a suggestion – What if all the high schools, UPIKE, and the KHTC could contribute some money to the cause?  It would help the city of Pikeville to have them resurfaced.  Think about it.

       The KHTC had their first meeting this year on February 10.  The YMCA is always helpful to us and allows us to hold our meetings there.  The meeting went great.  We have a great committee that is willing to work hard.  We also have some very helpful volunteers.  Without all of these people, including the parks management, our tournament would probably not happen.  This is the 46th year of a great tradition honoring my first husband, Kenny Huffman, who died of cancer at age 28.

        Our committee consists of Jim Vanover, Sue Huffman Stanley, Freddie Napier, Mots Bishnoi, Tim McNamee, Ruth Moore, Victor Allara, Brad Stanley, Coty & Kristy Marcum, and Ashley Cornett.  Our volunteers are:  Lee and Mary Rowe, Ralph Hood, Tony Robinson, James Sullivan, Rodney Maynard, Paula Thompson, and Ron Damron – plus many players are willing to pitch in if it rains.  I am very grateful for all of these wonderful people.

        We are always looking for great sponsors.  If you want to make a donation to help some senior student go to college, you can donate to the Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic by contacting someone on our committee or mailing a check to our treasurer:  Ruth Moore, P.O. Box 17, Elkhorn City, KY  41522.

        I would love to put some news about the surrounding high school’s tennis programs in my newsletter.  So, coaches, send me some news and you can read about it in the next newsletter.

      I wish UPIKE and the high schools a great tennis season.  Remember - “Success is a journey, not a destination.  The doing is often more important than the outcome.” (Arthur Ash)


Sue Huffman Stanley

Founder of Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic                                            

KHTC Book Keeper

KHTC Assistant Director                                              

KHTC Board Member                                                     

Author of “A Tennis Love Story”



February 2019


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