Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic

Since 1973

Hi Tennis Fans,

     It is time for our big event to take place, The Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic.  There is always anticipation and excitement, along with a lot of nerves, for me about this time of year.  I always want the tournament to be better than the previous year.  There is so much preparation that is needed to be done.  That is why it takes our entire committee.  This is never a one man show.  Be sure and thank those on the KHTC Committee when you see them.

      We have 10 people on our committee and several other volunteers who work endlessly during the tournament.  Jim Vanover, Mots Bishnoi, Freddie Napier, Tim McNamee, Coty Marcum & Kristie Marcum, Victor Allara, Ruth Moore, Brad Stanley and Sue Huffman Stanley.  Our volunteers are:  Lee and Mary Rowe, Ralph Hood, Tony Robinson, James Sullivan, and some of the junior tennis players.  I really appreciate all they do to make this tournament a success.

      One of our best tennis players has already registered, John Herford.  It is a joy to watch him play.  He always goes home with a couple of trophies.  We also have some very good players in Pikeville:  Mots Bishnoi, Lee Smith, Tony Robinson, Jim and Sherry Vanover, Freddie Napier, Brian Hundley, Walker Hall, Ralph Hood, Suzanne Preece, and Kevin Stumbo.

      We will be setting up tents, cleaning the courts, and setting up tables, chairs, and the concession stand from July 22 to 25.  If you would like to donate some time or work on community service hours, come up to Bob Amos tennis courts and pitch in.  It is a lot of work, but it is for a great cause.  Who knows – you or one of your children might receive a KHTC scholarship.

      This year’s tournament will be raising money for a 2019-2020 scholarship to be awarded to a graduating senior from the 14th, 15th, or 16th region.  I always pray that we will make enough profit to award a scholarship.  I know this would make Kenny happy.  He loved the game of tennis and played the game with enthusiasm.  It was his love for the game and his great ability to play tennis that inspired me to start the Kenny Huffman Memorial Tournament back in1973.  I wanted his memory to live on.  About 5 years ago, we decided to change the name to the Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic (KHTC).  This year will be the 46th year of the KHTC.

      The KHTC will be played July 26th thru 28th at Bob Amos Park.  Be sure to register early.  The first 80 players to register will get in.  If you don’t play tennis, come and be a spectator.  Most of the matches are very exciting.  We have events for all ages 12 – 70 and events for junior players.  It should be a great tournament.  Hope to see you there.  Remember:  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.” Michael Chang.


Sue Huffman Stanley

Founder of Kenny Huffman Tennis Classic                                            

KHTC Book Keeper

KHTC Assistant Director                                              

KHTC Board Member                                                     

Author of “A Tennis Love Story”



July  2019


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